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How Much You Need To Earn to live a Happy Life

Oh God! How much money does any rich (So Called Rich ) make in their lifetime?better to concentrate on question  How much money do we need to make to live comfortably in India any any part of world  , Happiness lies in your though -Lets Illustrate it    "Many of my 'pessimist' friends procrastinate marriage plans because they think they don't earn enough. And one of my hyper-optimist friends offers hope by saying he got married when he was earning just 6K/month! 

Nevertheless, it was a few years ago and doing that now would have been, you know what! 

But there are plethora of examples of celebrities and rich person who even fail to lead a happy  married life , So Money is not most important aspect for happy .

You Can Still Very Happy whatever you earn !It depends you take your Life ....Thats all..

# Why are Gujaratis so good at business in India?

                                 No, it is not a myth. Gujaratis, in general, have high business sense, though they often equally suck at studies.

I am a Gujarati, and as it so happens, I was the only one who cared about studies in my whole town ! What were the others thinking ? They had no plans ! Because for some reason they knew that they would survive, or may live even happier.

You see, unlike other states, where students typically aim to spend their adolesense studying, in the hopes of getting into a good college and then a ideal job, kids here live a happy life. They roam around here and there, hang out with friends, thus attaining the so called practical values of life. Talk you Gujarati and you will see the difference.

A Gujarati would not invest 10 lakhs on a engineering college to a get a 3 lakh job. He would instead take a Visa, go to the US, earn something and come back ! Really, it is that simple. People here simply have more awareness and more  common sense than the rest of India who are mostly busy running a rat race until college.

Chances are that even the most unclever Gujju understands the words 'share market' and 'stock prices'. One would, because the environment is such. People play poker/cards. They like taking their chances. 

Go to IIMA and surprisingly, you will hardly find a Gujarati student. Try Dalal Street, you can't possibly not find a Gujarati. The point being, we value practical lessons more than theoretical study.

The Economy is also good. Mainly due to a good percentage of population involved in business, and partly due to the cash inflows from relatives abroad. Most of cities and towns have a happening culture. Folks like hang out on weekends. Thus lets say even if you want to open a simple soda shop, you can expect some customers. Though , they spend cauticiously, they do spend a lot on reasonable and valuable services. Consequently, small and medium scale businesses have thrived. 

Also, monthly savings are high. The transport is highly available and cheap. Most useful facilities and shops are all nearby, even in cities. There is a healthy competition, hence prices are in check. I met this guy on train, he shifted from Delhi to Kheda, Gujarat. We start discussing things and he says, "Yaar yaha koi kharcha he nai hai, sara paisa jeb me!"

Also, we don't have our entire businesses concentrated in a single metro city. Instead, we have 4 major cities - Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara. So I can go to the nearest one and carry out business without much competition. More decentralized economy compared to other states.

Last but not the least, we have been in business for centuries and many families have big networks. This matters a lot in business. A recommendation and you are in.

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